Conduits are an excellent way to protect optic cables.
They enclose cables and wires to protect them from water, vibration, oil and other corrosives over long distances.
There are three main types:
i)flexible non-metallic
ii) flexible metallic
iii) EMT conduit.

UTP Cables

The UTP cables have been designed and manufactured to top international quality standards
for end-to-end Category 6 cabling installations in both horizontal and backbone areas. Seedatasheet

Fiber Optic Cables

ADSS Cable Fittings

ADSS cable fittings are used to fix ADSS cables to the poles. Integration tests between fittings and cables. The correct ADSS cable fitting is decided by the cable outer diameter and the span length that needs to be covered.

Fiber Optic Accessories

Get high quality accessories from our wide selection. We will provide fiber optic protective sleeves, fiber wall entry plugs and other related items to give your network a professional fit and finish.

Optic Cables

The Fibre cable is perfectly suited for both Gigabit Ethernet (OM2) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10G/OM3) campus and backbone applications. See datasheet